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2014-09-29 21:40:58 by PurplePrawn

Hey guys, I know I've been like, non-existant for a long time, and I'm sorry. Anyway, I'm getting back into doing streams like all the time now, it really helps things get done and I like chatting with you people. If you're ever bored, check out my picarto thingĀ https://www.picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=Purpleprawnimation
I'll be streaming lots of NSFW drawing and animation, so if that's your thing, come over!

Friend Codes

2014-02-13 18:22:35 by PurplePrawn

Yo, I need some more people to play the pokemans with, so here's my friend code.



2013-12-01 20:12:14 by PurplePrawn

Commissions are open! The prices listed in this pic are pretty much the max that I would charge, you will most likely get a lower price for what you want. The price will heavily depend on how many characters you want and how complicated and detailed you want the movement to be. I will strike deals with people, don't worry. I'm okay with doing any western cartoon or video game characters and most fetishes. Things I want to avoid are anime style animations, and fetishes that have to do with fur, male on male, and excrement. If you have a character in mind that is an animal but super cartoony looking (like Rouge the Bat) I won't mind doing that at all, so just run it by me. I'll do still pictures too. A flash loop includes sound effects, music, and any buttons and extra scenes you want, so that's why it seems pricey. If you want just a straight up loop with just a few sounds, it would be more like the price of a gif. I'm not trying to shmooze anyone out of their money either, so please, if you're interested at all, we can talk and I'm sure we can find a price that we can agree on. Oh yeah, disembodied dicks and just lower torsos don't count as additional characters, although, if you want tentacles, those DO count as one additional character, unless they're attached to someone else, then they don't count.
Email me at purpleprawn69@hotmail.com


I finally posted some of that stupid Adventure Time collection thing that I've been hyping for months, so now that THAT'S out of the way, I'm opening up for animation commissions! I'll post a pic with some general ballpark prices in a little bit, but I'm gonna try to keep my prices relatively low. I will do any kind of animation, like a short gif loop, a (primitive) flash game type of deal, full flash movies, anything your little heart desires. I'm cool with pretty much all fetishes too, just as long as it isn't TOO heavy on the fur, gay, or excrement. I WILL make exceptions, so just talk to me about it and I'm sure we can make a deal. I would prefer to stick to doing western style cartoons instead of anime style, just because that's what I know how to do, but if you really want me to, I can try anime, but I can't guarantee that it would turn out very good. Thank you!


2013-10-23 21:14:58 by PurplePrawn

Livestream deleted my account, but I made a new one haha


Streaming is a GO

2013-10-09 04:51:39 by PurplePrawn

Well, the stream last night went pretty well, so I'm gonna start doing it regularly, probably almost every night that I can. Come watch! It's probably always gonna be in the middle of the night, like 12-4, eastern time. So if you're up and bored, come hang out and chat and watch me make porn hahaha.


Streaming tonight

2013-10-08 19:20:31 by PurplePrawn

Hey guys, I'm gonna stream tonight and see how it goes. I haven't verified my account, so only 50 people can view it at a time. Whatever, like that many people will show up anyway haha.


I'll probably start around midnight and go for a few hours. I'm just gonna be animating that Marcy Bukkake picture that I posted today. Also, I listen to really weird music, like deathgrind and classic jazz, so you can mute it if you want because it's not like I'll be talking, my mic sucks ass and I think it's broken anyway.

See you there!

Live Stream

2013-09-24 00:57:51 by PurplePrawn

Hey guys, if I did a live stream of animating, would anyone watch it? It would probably be in the middle of the night, like 12-3 or 4am eastern time. I'm just curious.

Flash Collection

2013-07-14 16:02:17 by PurplePrawn

If anybody cares about me at all, then you might like to hear that I'm currently working on a collection of about 4 short flash animations, so that's why I haven't been posting content recently. I know I said I was gonna make a longer flash of Princess Bubblegum, but that's been put on hold until I get more animation experience under my belt. I think I'm gonna stop taking requests too, but soon I'll be opening up for commissions, so that's good news (for me at least). So, maybe in a couple weeks I'll be posting that flash compilation.

Possible Legal Issues?

2013-07-05 01:42:03 by PurplePrawn

So I'm going to start taking commissions soon, but I want to know, how legal is it to make a profit off of art based almost exactly off of existing copyrighted art? I mean, I'm trying to make adult parodies of cartoons that look as close to the real thing as I can, and make a profit off of that. I know TV shows and things make parodies, but they always change the art style or mix together different things, so I want to know if doing pornographic parodies of cartoons is technically legal.

After carefully reviewing "fair use" I believe that if I keep sound clips from the shows to a minimal then I will be safe.