Live Stream

2013-09-24 00:57:51 by PurplePrawn

Hey guys, if I did a live stream of animating, would anyone watch it? It would probably be in the middle of the night, like 12-3 or 4am eastern time. I'm just curious.


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2013-09-24 04:02:18

Sure dude, give it whirl! Have you tried doing one before? Most computers/connections can handle it...

PurplePrawn responds:

No, I've never done it before, but I think it would be fun to show people how I bumble around flash and try to scrap things together. Maybe if someone sees how terrible I am at using flash, they can maybe give me some tips or advice hahaha


2013-09-24 08:18:49

Yah that would be great i like you art


2013-09-24 11:18:43

Live streams are fun but I'm just too impatient a person to spend much time watching.. I'd rather do things myself. Good luck though.


2013-09-24 15:23:24

well i only get on to about 5:40 something most days because i use a library comp. but if i get my internet sure


2013-09-24 23:40:52

I would love to come.


2013-09-26 17:29:27

I would say: "yes".


2013-09-29 05:03:03



2013-10-01 15:33:26

Even if I wasn't able to watch the full thing through, I would check out the recording when I do have the time, either way it is something I would take a look at.

PurplePrawn responds:

Cool, I was thinking I would give it a shot maybe this weekend or something