Flash Collection

2013-07-14 16:02:17 by PurplePrawn

If anybody cares about me at all, then you might like to hear that I'm currently working on a collection of about 4 short flash animations, so that's why I haven't been posting content recently. I know I said I was gonna make a longer flash of Princess Bubblegum, but that's been put on hold until I get more animation experience under my belt. I think I'm gonna stop taking requests too, but soon I'll be opening up for commissions, so that's good news (for me at least). So, maybe in a couple weeks I'll be posting that flash compilation.


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2013-07-14 16:20:36



2013-07-14 20:09:14

So does that mean you won't be completing requests that you had agreed to make before this? Just curious.

PurplePrawn responds:

I'm still gonna do those, I'm just not taking any new ones. Some of the shorts that will be in the collection are actually requests themselves, and I'm still working on the last one that was a request, so that's why other requests haven't been getting done. I like to do things in some kind of order.


2013-07-14 23:26:12

weeks? ughh well I can wait :)
oh, and can you please tell me someting about the animations?????

PurplePrawn responds:

Yes, weeks. It's called frame by frame animation, and it takes a hella long time.
I already posted one of the animations as a gif, but it's getting an extended ending and sound (of course)
Fionna tentacle rape
maybe something else if I can think of something


2013-07-18 03:33:29

I can't wait until ive gotten further in my schooling for graphic design, your a great artist/person in general, and I would love to help you make flash animations.


2013-07-19 08:15:27

Nice man,Good job as ussually.


2013-08-05 12:01:27

Just remember to not get lost within the popularity of the fandom and the fans who will love what you do. Create what you want to create the best way you can. Doing this might make you popular and make you money, but dont forget your own dreams and goals.

PurplePrawn responds:

My dream is to fill the internet with quality porn animations


2013-09-03 14:42:27

can we get an update on how far you gotten with the flash comp. plz we want to see it soon

PurplePrawn responds:

I know you guys are waiting so patiently, when I post this new picture, I'm gonna put links to the loops that are pretty much done in the description so you guys can see what I've been doing. Sorry it's been taking so long, but I've been real busy and I haven't been able to animate as much as I want to.


2013-09-09 07:27:28

Princess Bubblegum being raped by the imposter bear would be awesome.
I love your work PurplePrawn.
Wish I could do animation, or even draw for that matter.


2013-09-14 04:15:07

Anticipating it man...

PurplePrawn responds:

I know it's taking forever, and I'm sorry, but that's the way frame by frame animation goes, especially when you don't know what your doing and you're trying to battle the suckiness of Flash. It's getting there, it really is.


2013-09-15 15:44:42

Whens it coming out? :P

PurplePrawn responds:

Fuck I dunno