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2014-09-29 21:40:58 by PurplePrawn

Hey guys, I know I've been like, non-existant for a long time, and I'm sorry. Anyway, I'm getting back into doing streams like all the time now, it really helps things get done and I like chatting with you people. If you're ever bored, check out my picarto thing https://www.picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=Purpleprawnimation
I'll be streaming lots of NSFW drawing and animation, so if that's your thing, come over!


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2014-09-30 02:40:12

Sweet, but i'll be a tad to busy to watch them :(


2015-02-01 18:33:43

ait, that sounds nice. Itsgood to kow tht we still have awesome "mature" artists on NG. ^^


2017-08-20 15:06:55

Hey @purpleprawn Can you please accept requests?

PurplePrawn responds:

I'll do requests that I like the sound of, which, with my extremely specific set of fetishes, is unlikely, but you can always ask, I don't mind. Also I don't draw much anymore, I mostly focus on music, what with being in like 3 bands atm, but sometimes I do draw, so just let me know what you want and you could possibly hit the lottery lol.